Sam Hetzel

 Graphic Designer

Real Brewing- Faux Brewery

Seems silly to live in COlorado, Denver in particular, and not be into home-brewing. Most of our friends share our passion for craft beer, and we've been brewing together for a while. Combining my passions, I will be producing hypothetical breweries as branding and design practices. I will to finalize the recipe for 12 beers, and spread them across different platforms, looking at market trends and misses. Here I will be putting mood-boards, faux websites, and branding for breweries as I continue along this fun project.

Monkey King Brewing Monkey King Brewing is my first brewery design direction. Living in London years ago, I've grown to love the ambiance of British pubs, with their dark walls and tight spaces to have great conversations in. That said, I've taken this brewery a bit more tropical. Still with a strong British influence, it hearkens to the return (theft?) of cultures and designs as British merchants returned from all over the world. The primary typeface is a sans serif, speaking to sophistication and clean design. Secondary type are both similar for headlines and contrasting for long blocks of text. Most of the brewery design will follow this contrast. With bold primary elements and secondary serifs and flourishes. Weekly updates coming! S