Sam Hetzel

 Graphic Designer

Born in New Jersey (sorry no Jersey Shore accent), Sam attended undergraduate at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. There, a turn of events turned an Art Minor into a Second Major, and eventually a Masters in Art History from Richmond The American International University in London. It was there he met his wife and dove into the art market. After 2 years working at Aicon Gallery in Manhattan, Sam moved to Colorado and rediscovered his passion of creating. Now he works full time as a Lead Creative Artist for Ouray Sportswear in Englewood, lives in Denver with his wife and doggo (Finn) and explores all the world has to offer.


While he has a passion for the arts, graphic design and both of their histories; outside of work he's an avid runner and triathlete, part-time home brewer, gardener, and future wood-worker ( it's a tough gig to get into). You can find him at a watering hole in Denver chatting up new acquaintances, or just over-analyzing some new Juicy IPA or Dunkle.